And that poster is worth a fortune! The key to finding an original is to look for one that was folded. At that time, posters weren't shipped in tubes like today, and the originals are folded into a quasi-square and mailed in envelopes. I used to have the Anakin/DV shadow poster... :/ » 10/22/14 8:43am Today 8:43am

While I understand the point of your statement comparing the Playstation revisions, the PS4 was a substantial upgrade in that it sports an entirely new architecture that opens the door for a much smoother porting of games that were previously only available on other platforms. » 10/22/14 8:36am Today 8:36am

Mr. Lauda did something that we praise other racers for; he risked everything for the chance to do what he loved, and dare I say, was born to do. Other drivers have lost their lives and we try to console ourselves with that very sentiment. He paid a heavy price, and even then was not deterred. » 10/04/14 10:03pm 10/04/14 10:03pm

How about a '91? The dash tach is wrong, there are cracks in the floor pan, a rip in the "window" of the top, the driver door window scratches against something inside the door. It's got an L98 with over 100k, and although both headlights work (intermittently, of course) the sensor is not working and it continually… » 9/29/14 2:51pm 9/29/14 2:51pm

Exactly. Don't convince yourself that the problem doesn't exist because you don't know about it. If there's a problem, hit it head on. Trying to avoid it is the same thing as asking the court to *bleep* you in the *bleep* and they're all to happy to oblige. » 9/24/14 1:19pm 9/24/14 1:19pm

Here's a novel idea: don't take and store pictures of your snatch on your mobile. If you do stupid things, then you can expect stupid (and embarassing) consequences. Technology was meant to improve people, not cover up their stupidity or be a scapegoat for it. » 9/03/14 7:57am 9/03/14 7:57am