I have a friend that decided he wanted a certain model of car. He looked up the poorest American cities, and the cities with the lowest volume sales for the car he wanted, and call the local dealers. He got a fantastic price, flew to the dealership and enjoyed a nice road trip home in his new car with some of the cash… » 5/01/15 2:59pm Friday 2:59pm

I guess you’re talking about the headlights... I’d like to point out that I read an article online about a mosquito spray that does a damn fine job clearing headlamp lenses, and I’ll be damned if it didnt do the trick on my TT. I can’t remember if it was OFF! or the other brand.
» 5/01/15 2:53pm Friday 2:53pm

Chest mounted body cameras will be useless. If an officer draws a weapon such as a taser or pistol, the camera will be blocked by the officers positioning. Move to another position like sunglasses or a collar mount so that the obstruction is minimalized and the view of the camera is more in line with the perspective… » 4/30/15 11:41am Thursday 11:41am

This is the perfect opportunity for us to exercise a “Shoot first, don’t bother asking questions because everyone is dead.” policy. If we dealt with shit like this in this way, rebels and pirates would think twice about pulling this kind of shit. I’m tired of us fucking around with these third-world opportunists.
» 4/29/15 11:50am Wednesday 11:50am

I’ll be honest, the Veyron doesn’t really do much for me, but the people behind projects like this, and the joy that this car brought to a little boy make all of the time, money, and engineering of everyone involved in making the car completely worthwhile.
» 4/29/15 11:32am Wednesday 11:32am

If something like this were to be done, I would offer my 8N TT Quattro for them to set the body on. The 2.0L turbo is easily capable of 500hp with the right go fast parts, and having the monocoque built with a carbon fiber/titanium fabric (a la Pagani) would keep it light and strong. The frenched lamps need to go… » 4/24/15 8:25am 4/24/15 8:25am